The Carl Benz Academy develops tailor-made education for working professionals. It offers innovative, international accredited corporate study programs in cooperation with leading universities in China, Germany and the United States – based on blended learning and the situational approach and therefore taking working challenges into account. 2015

Established in China in 2007 by Mercedes-Benz, the ‘People in Retail’ program was as an extension of a global initiative from Mercedes-Benz Germany. It was initiated in recognition of the growing human resource challenges facing its international dealer network and in particular, of the unique set of challenges faced by Mercedes-Benz dealers in China. 2012

With the goal of increasing customer loyalty through tailored service provision, E.R.P. created a virtual environment as the backbone of a customer club concept for Mercedes-AMG. Technically rich and emotionally stimulating, the platform provided inspiring tools and features for sophisticated users of technology, and easy intuitive access for new users. 2005

Pioneers in Interactive Visualization

A demonstration of interaction & communication design for an insurance and provision company. 2001

Pioneers in Field Research

Brands, critical features and market segmentation. Snapshot of a long-term research study in the US Truck Market. 2004

Pioneers in Connected Data Mining

Real-time product quality management; connecting data and activity of customers, service partners and OEM. 1999

Pioneers in B2C social networking

Early social marketing program with individualized website and interactive tools in the automotive industry. 2000

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