Interaction & Communication Design

E.R.P. has more than 20 years of experience in the specialized area of Interaction and Communication Design: the development of applications and interactive tools for the visualization of complex correlations in simple and understandable ways. E.R.P. has worked with leading research partners such as Daimler Research to develop innovative prototypes and tools such as:

  • Avatar-based adaptive user guidance for the optimization of knowledge transfer and purchase conversion rates
  • Customized adaptive customer experiences to increase loyalty
  • Project management tools for the simplification of complex processes and the improvement of communication
  • Interactive tools for the simplification and improved understanding of complex correlations

Avatar-based Guidance

Emotions play a vivid role in communication and contact with customers. Carefully and cleverly designed Avatars can effectively guide customers in a way that increases personal and emotional connection to the organization.

We develop tailor-made avatars on the basis of scientific research considering user expectations and preferences to reach the desired results resulting in a far more emotional and effective interaction.

Our solutions serve as ‘human interfaces’, which build user confidence, improve customer satisfaction and increase loyalty.


Sophie Schneider
Norbert Oswald
Edwin Mayer
Debi Smith

Customized User Experience

With the goal of improving customer experience, E.R.P. works with partners to create adaptive virtual environments which are specially designed to meet the specific needs of their users.

The core of this approach is “SensorSensorikik”, a sensory-based approach to personalization which adjusts layout, content and user guidance according to the customers behavior taking differing personal communication preferences into account . It increases user-identification with the website, as well as with its applications, products or services offered.

In addition to providing a unique customer experience, “Sensorik” provides valuable information for the company’s marketing and product strategy efforts by analyzing the individual customers interests in detail – whilst maintaining compliance with data protection laws. It allows organizations to keep track of customer preferences, opinions and trends to enable informed and appropriate adjustments to their communication strategies in a timely manner.

Mercedes-AMG Private Lounge

For more Information visit our showcase Mercedes-AMG Private Lounge here.

Interactive and Adaptive Tools

Interactive and adaptive web-based tools offer great possibilities to enhance the user experience and enable an easy understanding of complex processes. Giving the user the possibility to experience independencies and consequences allows an understanding trough interaction.

E.R.P. is developing tools from the customer’s needs perspective for more than 20 years, considering psychological, learning, design and newest technical possibilities. The tools developed by E.R.P. explain complex products to the customor in an entertaining and intuitive way. Exemplary tools were developed for insurances, investment strategies or different options of car financing . By educating the customer uncertainties regarding a product vanish resulting in confident and loyal customers that are identifying themselves with the product and brand.

Tools for Project Management

Project management tools simplify complex processes and support business processes and planning.

E.R.P. has extensive experience in the development of specialized project management tools which are tailored for specific organizational needs.

Together with Daimler Research, we developed an interactive Balanced Scorecard (StratiVary) which visualizes the interdependencies in business processes and demonstrates the extent to which changes in one aspect of the business can influence outcomes in another. Solutions such as this Scorecard have been implemented at a global level within leading service organizations.

Planning is often based on conditions of uncertainty: predictions regarding  development potential and a range of external and internal factors. To support better planning in the area of complex processes we use Quantor – a method for modelling interconnected and uncertain knowledge about the market and the company. Quantor provides critical information such as a potential increase in sales of between 5 to 10% depending on worst or best case scenarios stemming from a new initiative or change in business conditions. It allows the setting of specific targets and identifies not only key influencing factors and interdependencies, but also inconsistencies and potential problem areas.

StratiVary - Network of Variables
StratiVary - Experience Space
StratiVary - Balanced Scorecard Overview
Quantor - Quantitative Reasoning
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