We strive to assist organizations to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity, performance quality and entrepreneurship, whilst developing a greater sense of engagement and satisfaction among their employees and managers.

We measure the satisfaction of employees with well-proven scientific methods (we conduct on site and online surveys) and detect specific drivers for improvement – unique for every individual situation and organization.

We develop specialized tools to improve satifaction and engagement for individual organizations which are adapted to the business strategy. The implementaion process is done in close collaboration with the client.

Identify measurements

Prioritizing the satisfaction of your employees and managers will lead to:

  • Higher engagement and a lower staff turnover rate
  • Motivated employees and higher work efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction.

For further information please also refer to our Loyalty through Satisfaction brochure.

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Employee & Management Satisfaction


Planning & Customization

  • Identification of organizational goals
  • Definition of approach and key milestones
  • Tailored implementation plan

Qualitative Interviews & Analysis

  • Skilled researchers personally interview a sample of employees and managers to gain insight into everyday work processes, responsibilities and structures
  • Findings are used as a basis for development of company-specific surveys
  • Results are anonymous


Questionnaire Development & Implementation

  • Selection of an appropriate representative sample/s
  • Development of a tailored and scientifically-based survey
  • Addressing general work satisfaction in the context of your company: corporate culture, sector characteristics, cultural background as well as current social and economic trends

Analysis, Recommendations, Review & Follow-up

  • In-depth factor analysis to identify the most important drivers of employee and manager satisfaction
  • Differential analysis of patterns within the results and development of an easy-to-use results-viewer tool
  • Information on which factors are most important, how they can be positively influenced and in which fields big improvements can be made with minimal investment
  • Detailed reporting of results with practical recommendations for action
  • Development of a full ‘Human Resources Toolkit’ to provide managers with a comprehensive guide to follow-up actions

For further information please also refer to our People in Retail Showcase