Customer, Brand & Product Research

Customer Research

Customer research helps to understand and address customers in a more efficient way. We are specialized in differentiating customers by relevant traits, allowing deep customer insight trough psychological surveys and focus groups in order to gather a holistic picture and be able to adjust your communication strategy accordingly. We are able to answer the following questions:

  • On which basis do customers decide to buy your product?
  • Which are the characteristics, demands and attitudes of these customers?
  • What is the best communication strategy?

Customer Typologies are developed and often work as an eye opener in the interaction with the customer. For example the in-house developed customer-sales-person profile matrix states in an easy to understand way why customers act the way they do, how to address them correctly and how to achieve sales results as well as generating satisfied and loyal customers.

Brand Research

Strong brands determine how a product is perceived and what expectations regarding a product exist and need to be fulfilled. A strong brand is one of the most valued asset of a company and is determined by the immaterial value customers relate to the brand and its potential.

ERP has consulted luxury brands regarding:

  • brand creation
  • brand analysis
  • brand building
  • brand development
  • brand identification
  • brand reinforecement
  • brand refreshment
  • brand reflection
  • brand value as well as
  • brand image

using its expertise, research competence and in house developed tools and methods.

For further information on our luxury brand research please also refer to our company Luxury Branding Research in the United States.

Product Research

Identifying customer’s conscious and unconscious expectations towards a brand and/or product enables a great insight into product perception allowing the identification of gaps regarding new products as well as the marketing of existing ones – important influencing factors for the product success. Therefore, it offers value insights into:

  • product innovation
  • product development
  • product differentiation
  • product refinement
  • product explanation as well as
  • product positioning and marketing

Basis for our product research are co-creation workshops and innovation management processes.


Excellent products are defined by the perceived value regarding the quality of life.
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