Conflict Design

face-1370955_1920E.R.P. is highly skilled in understanding, interpreting and solving communication conflicts by developing tailor-made conflict designs. Conflict designs incorporate the conflict management and conflict solution in working environments due to a different understanding of expectations and responsibilities.

E.R.P. therefore uses the potential conflicts offer to enhance a situation, creating a win-win situation for the involved parties.

Solving a conflict starts by analyzing the reasons behind the conflicts, also considering informal communication structures including informal processes as well as formal processes. All the different perspectives are taken into account.

The background of the E.R.P. enables to differentiate between the different understandings of perceptions and/or processes people have while at first glance talking and agreeing about the same subject. Furthermore the cross-cultural expertise allows to take different cultural background into account – which becomes more and more relevant in international working environments.face-1370958_1920

As a result of the conflict design the involved parties jointly work on solutions, ensuring that all participants are equally considered and a holistic solution is set up. This normally includes learning, re-shaping the interaction patterns, increased efficiency between the involved parties and can also include the re-structure of processes.

Moreover the perceptions of the involved parties regarding the conflict, its nature and ways of solution are strengthened so that future arising conflicts can often be dealt with by the participants themselves and at early stages, increasing the overall efficiency and work satisfaction.


Solve conflicts the smart way!

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