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From the Coach to the Cloud – Global Education Seeks New Pathways

The Example of the Carl Benz Academy

Schönebeck, Manfred, Pellert, Ada (Eds.)

Original Title: Von der Kutsche zur Cloud – globale Bildung sucht neue Wege – Das Beispiel der Carl Benz Academy

Packed with contributions from international experts in the fields of education, research and business! Addressing:

▶ Internationalization and links to modern practice as key challenges facing modern higher education
▶ Online learning as a future model for universities
▶ Innovative educational concepts in the discourse of economics, academia and research
▶ Up to date contributions to the development of Internet-based learning

This publication brings its authors to a discussion on the coming-together of modern educational concepts, whilst also introducing the ‘Cloud University’ approach of the Carl Benz Academy. It is aimed at establishing interactive teaching and learning methods that have developed around current and future possibilities of the Internet, and the resulting prospects for teaching, assessment, administration and lifelong learning.

Handbook of Human Resources Management

Volume 1 & 2

Zeuch, Matthias (Ed.)

▶ Shares the reflected experience and lessons learned from more than 85 globally selected HR experts
▶ Focuses on practical experience, examining topics from 4 different perspectives
▶ Supports informed and well-balanced decision making
▶ Draws on 24 years of HR experience including 15 years in upper management positions and responsibility for 40 countries, held by the editor-in-chief

Members of the E.R.P. GmbH contributed to Part IV: “Engagement & Retention”:

  • Engagement and Retention: Introduction and Overview; Schönebeck, Janina (et al.), Pages 617-627
  • Engagement and Retention: Essentials of Employee Surveys; Schönebeck, Janina (et al.); Pages 629-659

  • Engagement and Retention: Essentials of Retention Tools; Sibly, Beth; Pages 661-672

  • Engagement and Retention: Essentials of Culture and Social Activities; Tietz, Olaf B.; Pages 673-697

  • Engagement and Retention: Essentials of Employee Care; Peisert, Jens; Pages 699-726

  • Engagement and Retention: Essentials of Idea Management; Gallmeister, Ute (et al.); Pages 727-745

Do’s and Don’ts in Human Resources Management

A Practical Guide

Zeuch, Matthias (Ed.)

▶ Shares many tips and insights into HR Management
▶ Provides an overview of the most important Dos and Don’ts in HR
▶ Explains how to avoid the typical pitfalls in HR

Members of the E.R.P. GmbH contributed following chapters:

  • Introduction; Schönebeck, Janina (et al.); Pages 87-88
  • Employee Surveys; Schönebeck, Janina (et al.); Pages 89-91
  • Retention Tools; Schönebeck, Manfred; Pages 93-94
  • Cultural and Social Activities; Tietz, Olaf B.; Pages 95-96
  • Employee Care; Peisert, Jens; Pages 97-98
  • Idea Management; Gallmeister, Ute; Pages 99-101

Handbook Media Production

Movie, Television, Radio, Print, Internet, Mobile Broadcasting, and Music Production

Original Title: Handbuch Medienproduktion – Produktion von Film, Fernsehen, Hörfunk, Print, Internet, Mobilfunk und Musik
Krömker, Heidi, Klimsa, Paul (Eds.)

Featured Article by Matthias Hammler & Manfred Schönebeck:

  • “Die Mercedes AMG-Private Lounge”; Pages 511-517

Media Appearances Print


Cross-Culture Competence

An article on ‘How Chinese and German Professionals Think About Competence’ by Janina Schönebeck in 2014.

Reference: German Chamber Beijing Ticker Aug-Sept 2014

MBA for High Potentials

An article about the Carl Benz Academy in Beijing by Doris Plate in 2012.

Reference: Autohaus 1-2/2012 (German language)

What Kind Of Customer Is This?

Was für ein Kunde ist das? – An article about customer salesperson profile matrix and how it helps to increase sales by Doris Plate in 2012.

Reference: Autohaus 1-2/2012 (German language)

Meet the Member: Olaf B. Tietz

Olaf B. Tietz talks about communication design in Chamber News for the German Chamber of Commerce in Bejing in Feb/March 2010.

T-System Newletter März 2006 AMG Private Lounge

Mercedes-AMG launches new Customer Portal

Mercedes-AMG startet neues Kundenportal – An article about the Mercedes-AMG Private Lounge in an Newsletter from T-System March 2006 (German language).

Merkur 12 2005

There is no German Lament Neurosis

Es gibt keine deutsche Jammer-Neurose – An interview with Manfred Schönebeck about the general mood in Germany in Berlin Merkur December 2005 (German language).

Merkur 10 2004 Netzwerke

Intelligent Networks are more Efficient and Successful then Smart Lone Warriors

Intelligente Netzwerke sind effizienter und erfolgreicher als kluge Einzelkämpfer – An interview with Manfred Schönebeck and Olaf Tietz about internet design in the United States, the boom in China and emerging clusters in Berlin in Berlin Merkur Oktober 2004 (German language).

The Baby Internet is Slaughtered before it Learns to Walk

Das Baby Internet wird geschlachtet, bevor es laufen lernt. – An article about the potential and future of the internet in Berlin Merkur June 2001 (German language).

Eyes and Ears

Augen und Ohren – An article of the Urban Science symposium about the trend in the automotive sector with mention of an E.R.P. presentation by Doris Plate in 2012.

Reference: Autohaus 20/2012 (German language)

Media Appearances TV

Mercedes-AMG Private Lounge

Technology and trends feature for n-tv (German news and business TV station) “Technik und Trends” magazine. (2004) For project details see: Mercedes-AMG Private Lounge.

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